Teaching Materials

Hello Teachers & Parents!
Thanks for getting your pups interested in Mexican gray wolf recovery. The Pup Naming Contest is a great way to engage the next generation in the future of lobos. We’ve made a few pages for our young advocates to use with videos and activities. Below are some links for you to find out more about the efforts to return Mexican wolves to their historic habitat in the Southwest United States and northern Mexico.

Use these pages below to get your kiddos excited about Mexican wolves with videos and activities:

If you have questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us; namelobopups@mexicanwolves.org.

Lobos of the Southwest:
Kid Zone: Fun facts about wolves, great downloads, stories about wolf country, and more.
About Mexican Gray Wolves: General information about Mexican wolves and how they differ from northern Gray wolves. 
Brush with Extinction: Some history on the recovery of the Mexican wolf and current status of the wild population.
Information about the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area.  

Defenders of Wildlife’s Mexican gray wolves:
Basic facts about Mexican gray wolves

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service:
What is a Mexican Wolf?

Other Resources:
Mexican gray wolves photo gallery 
Wolf howl ringtone

Some of the Captive Breeding and Holding Facilities 
Brookfield Zoo / Chicago Zoological Society, Chicago, IL
California Wolf Center, Julian, CA 
Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati, OH
Endangered Wolf Center, Eureka, MO 
Wolf Conservation Center, South Salem, NY
Complete List of Captive Facilities

Captive Breeding Facilities with Live Cameras: 
Endangered Wolf Center &  Wolf Conservation Center


You can view previous years’ Pup Naming Contest Entries and Winners on our website:
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